An association of enthusiastic dancers, promoting West Coast Swing in Australia.


Swing Dance Downunder is a not-for-profit association incorporated in New South Wales, Australia. Acting independently of dance schools, its mission is to promote the West Coast Swing style in Australia and provide information for dance opportunities within the World Swing Dance Council.

Swing Dance Downunder has an enthusiastic and growing membership, with dancers from Australia and New Zealand. Please join our Facebook group OR use our Contact Us page to join our Gmail distribution list for current information on events.


Our mission


Organise not-for-profit socials to ensure a regular opportunity to dance West Coast Swing socially

Share and promote

Share information about and promote West Coast Swing classes, workshops, competitions and other events

Support and develop

West Coast Swing dancers and fostering emerging teachers and talent.


Our goals

Offer opportunities to dance West Coast Swing

Improve the profile and level of West Coast Swing in Australia

Welcome national and international dancers and dance instructors

Be not-for-profit and independent of dance schools


Our committee


The association is managed by a committee of seven members, elected to their positions annually at the Annual General Meeting. The current composition of the committee is shown below.



Michael Flores


Danny Nowlan


Melinda Roberts



Cristina  Ordinario


Paul Chapman


Emma Collyer



Beth Phillips


Honorary committee members
Deborah Szekely & Robert Cordoba
Multiple U.S. Open Swing Dance Champions





Gerry Morris -  Founding member and President  2007-2008, 
Nathan Toussaint - Founding member and Treasurer 2007-2008,
Paul Chapman -  Founding member 2007-2008, President 2016-2018
Camille Formston -  Founding member 2007-2008
Dave Pinn -  Founding member and Secretary 2007-2009

Vanessa Mason - Founding member and Treasurer 2007-2010

Robyn Everingham - Founding member and President 2008-2010



Clayton Tubbs

Stella Saava
Committee member 2009-2010

Nicole Bevan
Committee member 2009-2010

Danny Nowlan
Secretary 2009-2010
Committee Member 2010-2017 and DJ!

Vice President 2018-

Raeleen Hollier
Founding member 2006-2010
President 2010-2011
President 2011-2012

Robyn (Red) Barber
Founding member 2006-2011
Vice president 2011-2012

Nat Dupavillon
Committee member 2010-12

Garry Temple
President 2012 to 2016

Debra Brierling
Committee member 2012-16

Therese Rowley
Secretary 2012-2016

Greg  Dugan
Committee member 2014-2016

Mohini Eswaran
Treasurer 2009-2018

Tunde Frisnyak
Secretary 2017-2018

Krystal Murphey
Committee member 2017-2018